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July 1915

I am having a good time at the pyramids

July 6, 1915

                                                                            Cairo. 6 July, 1915.

Dear Claude,

I am having a good time at the pyramids, museum, zoo etc.

Practically nothing grows back from the Nile and we drill there.  The heat is pretty oppressive but it will get us in good order.  I like the work and am glad I commenced flag waving.  We expect to get no flag work in action.  It has been too expensive and we will get all bugger work in the burrows. (trenches)

Hope you get a good harvest.

Your Br. Stid

Rest in the shade of Sphinx

July 4, 1915

4 July 1915 near Cairo

Dear Maude

Met some more Lockhart boys had a rest in the shade of Sphinx and a water melon which went well it’s very hot and dry. Nothing but sand grows near the place and it’s only a mile away from the river NILE.

Love from Stid

Postcard from Sphinx

Postcard from Sphinx

Where MOSES was found

July 4, 1915
Postcard from near Cairo

4 July 1915

near Cairo

Dear Amy:

I am having a splendid trip. There is plenty to see and learn. These cities in places are very pretty. We were marched to where MOSES was found in the bulrushes. And to Mary’s well and I filled my water bottle and it’s the only fresh water in the district. There is a Port and around it it’s very Pretty.

Love from Stid

Post Card Egypt

Post Card Egypt

Flying fishes all the way

July 3, 1915

on active service no stamps required

At Sea

My Dear Mother

I am having a good trip and am feeling fit. Have seen a lot of things that were new to me and haven’t found the sea trips monotonous. There is usually plenty to see that is new. We pass a lot of ships daily now. At first we saw few. The last glimpses of Aust seems a long way back and we had a big gap with water only & some flying fishes all the way. Crossing the line many were crushed by Father Nepture to his staff in his own waters including himself. The boys got a lot of fun out of it.

Shaving with a Gigantic Razor using Bill Slackers Post for soap. We have passed some fine rocks that arouse a lot of enthusiasm when we get into Sight. Rare old places in history when Some one Says land in sight the deck soon gets packed with men eager for a glimpse of it.



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