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September 1915

“You’re Walter Hull’s son”

September 1, 1915

 Sig.39, 18th Batt. 5th Brigade,


Gallipoli.  Sept.

My dear Mother, I have had three letters from you since I got here and some from the kiddies.  Give them my love.  I am doing well.

I met G Low Yesterday he wanted to be remembered to Dad. And I saw W Davis Friday he wished to be remembered to Dad too. He is doing well and was pleased to see me.

I met St Vincent who put up the fence for Dad at the back.  He is an old soldier.

H.Williams was  stationed close to me yesterday and came and spent the night in my dugout for company.  It’s almost like a glimpse of home to meet boys from the same place and have a chat.

I was on the signal phone and had a call from Lieut. Chanter. Jack C. came and recognised me.  He said “You’re Walter Hull’s son.”  He’s a good stamp of a man and his South African experience probably comes in handy. I have two letters from Little Aunt & three from you. Tell the Little ones I’ll write to them some of these days. Love from Stid to all.