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March 1916

Moorhouse is nearby

March 13, 1916


March 13, 1916

My dear Mother,

I got letters from Claude, little Aunt and home yesterday.

I was very sorry to learn that you had a nasty fall I hope you soon get well and strong again.

It must be good to get a good season and have fat stock again.

Gavin Lowe gave me some home papers

Moorhouse is nearby.  George Moncrieff is getting along O.K.- also W. Davis and Roy Orme.  Lockhart is well represented here.

We got to look into our kit bags with all our private odds and ends that were left in Cairo when we went to the Peninsular.  We can sleep in pyjamas for a change.  We get to swim daily in the lake that the Suez Canal runs through.  It’s a treat to be clean again.

Ismailia is very pretty with palms and creepers and bamboo.  There are some carved stones and a little sphinx in the gardens.  Some of the boys just brought in a little desert dog puppy they found in a burrow.  they want to make a mascot of him.  He is such a pretty, fluffy little chap.

Love to all and tons of kisses for Nona.

Boggy roads in Lockhart

March 1, 1916

My dear Mother,

I got 3 letters from you during the fortnight and a couple from Little Aunt. They were very welcome too.

I am getting along all right.  Very glad to hear you are likely to get a good season.

I was talking to G.Lowe a few days ago.  He was pretty interested in Lockhart having boggy roads.  It’s a good sign in a wheat growing district.

I met a G.Aspinall; I went to school with him in Echuca.  I have met a lot of young men I used to know – more than I expected.

Jack Chanter sends his best.

Regards to Dad.

Saw Young W Davis. He wants you to tell the Dr that he is doing well.

There are many sides to this business and it’s very interesting and I have the privilege of being a lucky chap so far.  I see a lot that is strange to me.   There are humorous pieces at times, too, but it is pretty serious business.  It will do a lot of good to those of us who are fortunate enough to go right through.

We have had a good many issues of Ciggaretts? since we have been here. Shows somebody is looking after us.

I like the boom of the man-o-war guns.

Love to all remember me to Mr & Mrs Wormald

Your loving son, Stid


Date estimated (two letters in same envelope, other had date of Sept, postmarked Dec)