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August 1917

I haven’t been back in France very long

August 22, 1917

Dear Amy:

I haven’t been back in France very long after being in England it looks a dirty old place. It’s villages are not nearly so French and clean as English places. English kiddies get dirty and black with any but French kiddies get filthy. They are pretty babies but seem to grow out of most of it and grow much coarser on this side of the Channel. This place is only as big as Lockhart and has a couple of churches. The battle of Crecy was fought very close by.

Love from Stid.


English people are much cleaner

August 22, 1917

Dear Ock

I’ve taken a squad of men on police study in this place. Camped at Salisbury Plains. Many of the famous buildings of English villages are to me very like the French. Except English people are much cleaner.

Love from



This shows a quaint set of buildings

August 22, 1917

Dear Maude

This shows a quaint set of buildings a mixture of cement and wood work that is very old fashioned. The up storys stick out over the bottom like “the old Curiosity Shop” It is plain and its proportions are nice. The French use the same method.

I am sending a card to Amy of one spot yesterday to match a fairly good picture but isn’t so nice as the English buildings. By the way I don’t like the French so may be prejudiced against them.

Love from Stid.


It always reminds me of home

August 22, 1917
Montivilliers - Postcard

France, 22/8/17

Monte Villiers

Dear Mother,

About the time of the Battle of Crecy, this place was besieged. It is a valley about 200 feet deep which is heavily timbered and is very pretty. I spent last Sunday rambling along down one side of the valley and back the other with another Sub. We got home to camp about four hours after dark. When we get off for a ramble we become kids again and as happy. It always reminds me of home and I think I’ll always like the timber country before the city.

Love from Stid.