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September 1917

My star is on an even keel

September 26, 1917
last letter

The last letter

18th Bn. France, 26/9/17

Dear Amy,

Still going strong back with my own section, getting along well. The old boys in it will do anything for me and there are enough of them to make everything pleasant and easy. The new ones I am getting to know. We had a stiff row to hoe very soon after I got back and everyone was tested good and hard and not found wanting. My old luck has not changed with my new job and I am as confident as ever. My star is on an even keel. Was very confident when we were tried out and the section has as much confidence in me as I have in myself. I am kept very busy because I’m a bit strange I have been on theoretical work for six months – different stuff from my olden present job (which was kept for me.) So – I’m a bit rusty to be in concert pitch. We have to get tuned up and I’m going through the process. I’ve an orderly to look after me – can carry more luxuries than before and everything is O.K.   I’ve commenced schooling again – Pelmanising. Now am having my work cut out to make time for it but feel if I can stick at it, it will do me good. I won’t be so short of time when I’ve been at it a bit longer.

Heaps of love to all,

from brother Stid


The last postcard to Daisy

September 26, 1917

Poperinge, Grand Place. 26/9/17

Dear Daisy,

I was in this place last night for a while. There are shops still doing business for soldiers.

Love to all, Stid.



Signaller Hull 18th will always find me

September 26, 1917
The Old Curiosity Shop Postcard 29 Sept 1917

France, 26/9/17

Dear Amy,

These cards will be posted in England in a day or so. I’ve seen the originals but haven’t time to send other postcards just now.

I am O.C. 18th sig. now days and getting along O.K.

Signaller Hull 18th will always find me all right.

Heaps of love,


The last postcard to Amy

The last postcard to Amy

Piano, billiards and a good time generally

September 5, 1917
Letter from 18th Bn. France, 15/9/17

France, 5/9/17

Dear Amy,

I am still having a good time. Have not caught up with my battalion yet. – expect to in a few days.

I spent Sunday last in Harve. It’s a fairly big place, much like Manly. it has been built into a tourist place. There are many bathing places and cafes and there were thousands of people out.

The people are showy and gay and fond of rainbow hued dresses. I guess it would be very gay in peace time. I got a few pictures to send with this mail. I haven’t had any home letters since I left Oxford. I guess I’ll get them when I get back the the battalion. The weather is lovely except it rains too much. I’m still sleeping in a civilised bed whether it rains or not. Bad weather is largely a matter of quarters. We have a good mess here- piano, billiards and a good time generally.

Love to all, Stid.