Piano, billiards and a good time generally

September 5, 1917
Letter from 18th Bn. France, 15/9/17

France, 5/9/17

Dear Amy,

I am still having a good time. Have not caught up with my battalion yet. – expect to in a few days.

I spent Sunday last in Harve. It’s a fairly big place, much like Manly. it has been built into a tourist place. There are many bathing places and cafes and there were thousands of people out.

The people are showy and gay and fond of rainbow hued dresses. I guess it would be very gay in peace time. I got a few pictures to send with this mail. I haven’t had any home letters since I left Oxford. I guess I’ll get them when I get back the the battalion. The weather is lovely except it rains too much. I’m still sleeping in a civilised bed whether it rains or not. Bad weather is largely a matter of quarters. We have a good mess here- piano, billiards and a good time generally.

Love to all, Stid.


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