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The last postcard to Daisy

September 26, 1917

Poperinge, Grand Place. 26/9/17

Dear Daisy,

I was in this place last night for a while. There are shops still doing business for soldiers.

Love to all, Stid.



The old towns are very solid

April 29, 1917
Warwick Castle Postcard

New College, 29/4/17

Dear Daisy,

The old towers are very solid. There is only a small winding stairway up inside to enable the defenders to get up on top so in the days of bows and and arrows it was a pretty safe place to be.

A few modern shells would convert it into a rubbish heap and this sort of thing has been destroyed in France.

Love from Stid

Warwick Castle Postcard

Warwick Castle Postcard


I was surprised to see so many horses

April 22, 1917

Post Card                                                                  New College, Oxford


Dear Daisy,

Rotten Row is the fashionable drive of London. It’s just near the zoo. I was surprised to see so many horses because horses are very few in other London streets. The busy streets are packed with motors and the traffic is well organised. There’s the Tube railway which runs underground. I don’t like it because I couldn’t see anything.

Love from Stid.

Postcard to Daisy

Postcard to Daisy

Some will go back and I think I’ll be among them

November 1, 1916

France, November 1 1916

Dear Daisy,

I got a letter from you yesterday. May yours be a Happy Christmas. I’d like to be in sunny Australia for Christmas but maybe next time, all being well.

It seems a thousand years since I left and I’ve seen no finer land. France is pretty but the summer doesn’t last long enough and isn’t very warm while it does except when the Hun warms it up and then it’s hot enough for anyone. Still we us and company can make it warm for them and much better seeing towns smashed up here than at home. When this job is over our own homes will not be smashed up – even though many sons have been taken but some will go back and I think I’ll be among them. I am a lucky boy.

Love from Stid

I am sailing in the morning

June 24, 1915

Dear Daisy

Just a last PC

I am Sailing in the morning on a big 180000 ton boat among about 3000 other men. There are 25 Signalers and we will commence work as soon as we get aboard. So our boats ought to be leading.

Love from Stid