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The dear old castle walls were pretty solid

April 29, 1917
Warwick Castle Clock tower

New College, 29/4/17

Dear Father,

The dear old castle walls were pretty solid. The doorway shows the thickness between the two where light comes down from above and where pikes and boiling tar could be used if invaders succeeded getting past the first door. Anyone may go through the place for 2/-

and there are post card books of views on sale inside run by the Countess of Warwick. It’s pretty narrow (?) for people so wealthy to have tourists as part of their income, isn’t it?

Love from Stid

Warwick Castle Postcard

Warwick Castle Postcard

It is an education just to live in Oxford

March 20, 1917

New College, Oxford

March 20, 1917

Dear Father,

This marks the spot where Latimer, Ridley, and Crammer were burnt. The building they were taken from (St Marys) is a fine one. (Crammer was the Archbishop of Canterbury, the other two were bishops) -burned at the stake, 1555- orders of Mary, Queen of Scots.

The place generally is old fashioned. It is an education just to live in Oxford, but we get too much work to spend too much time seeing the place.

Love from Stid.




Love from son Stid

November 1, 1916

November 1, 1916

Dear Father

May yours be a Happy Christmas this time with lots of the good things of life.

I couldn’t get English cards but the dreams know no nationality. (The picture on the card is of a French soldier dreaming of his wife and children.) French women and children are pretty and have splendid complexions but they have an abominable shrug of the shoulders with every second word that gives me the pip. The men look German and I’m not too keen on them.

I had nine days in London and the english women and kiddies are the finest yet. How soothing our own people are after foreigners. London City gave me an excellent holiday.

Love from son Stid.