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News & Views from Salisbury Plain

July 1, 1917

Perham Downs


Dear Nona

This is just to show some of the things a soldier carrys in his pack.

Love from Stid


Post Card from Salisbury Plain

Post Card from Salisbury Plain

The backpack on the postcard opens up with the silhouettes below:

SalisburyPlain1 Salisbury Plain


June 24, 1917

No.4 Officers’ Mess

Perham Downs. 24/6/17

Post Card, Stonehenge.

Dear Nona,

I am not very far from these old stones now and intend to go out and see them before leaving England. The final exam we had at Oxford was on a map around these stones.

I will be leaving here for my unit in about a week and am looking forward to seeing my chums again. I’ve had about 5 months here and it has been a pleasant hold. It’s great to have been a schoolboy again.

Love to all from Brother Stid.



Spent the afternoon at the zoo

April 22, 1917

New College, Oxford, 22/4/17

Dear Nona

I went to the Albert Hall to see the Good Friday concert while on leave in London but the doors were closed about 20 people in front of me. It holds 1,500 people and there were as many outside on this day. I was among the disappointed so I wandered off and spent the afternoon at the zoo. It claims to be the best in the world. It is certainly a big one. The old elephant who carries little boys and girls about has done it for about 100 years.

Love from Stid.

Hope to have the next (Christmas) at home

November 1, 1916

France, Nov 1, 1916

My Dear Nona

May you have a real good Christmas. This is the nearest to a Xmas Card I could get we just got notice that Xmas mail would close tomorrow and these cards are French from France and that will make them interesting. Spent last Xmas on Lemnos Island so hope to have the next at home.

Love from Stid


This is where people go to sun themselves.

June 8, 1916

8th June, 1916

Post Card- Hyde Park.
Dear Nona,
This is where people go to sun themselves. It’s Summer now and very nice. There are great crowds of people every where. I have had a good holiday and go back to the front in the morning. Love from STID


The Suez Canal

November 20, 1915
Port Said Postcard

Gallipoli Nov 20

Dear Nona

This is a picture of the builders of the Suez Canal. It is pointing the way through the Country where the ships may now go by water with his right hand, there were many stacks of Salt near it when I went through it.

Love from Your Bro

Postcard from Suez Canal

Postcard from Suez Canal

T.S.S. Ceramic

June 24, 1915

Dear Nona:

I didn’t think I would get a letter from (for?) you before I left.

You are a ?? little girl. This is the boat I am on.

Sailing on Friday

Some of our boys went aboard.

Love Stid