Vale Uncle Stid

“An uneasy wind, as from fields of Mars,
Stirred in lands across the sea,
The war drums beat their relentless beat
in a harsh cacophony.”

… Nona Alexander

The attached waltz was composed by Chrissie Alexander in memory of our Great Uncle Stid. The verse above was from a poem written by Nona Alexander (Stid’s sister and Chrissie’s Grandmother).

Christina’s words;

I was thinking about the letters that he wrote home, about how he was imagining his little brothers and sisters making music together back at the farm at Palmerston.

One of his little sisters was Grandma Nona… I felt so unbearably sad that Stid had been thinking about home and harvest and family, looking forward to seeing his little brothers and sisters and then his life was cut short by war.

I wrote a pretty waltz to represent peaceful, happy, Galore and throughout the piece the war drums beat their relentless beat till the last post on trumpet at the end, which is cut short like Uncle Stids life was cut short.

Vale Uncle Stid