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March 1915

Asked if it was a love letter

March 23, 1915

c.o The Signallers Mar 23 1915

My Dear Mother

I am sorry poor Dad had a smash up.  It’s a beast of a thing to get hurt when everything is so hard.  I guess he was cutting scrub for the sheep when it happened.  It puzzled me a bit when I first heard he had fallen from a tree but I hope he wasn’t hurt internally.  Let me know next mail.  I’m glad it wasn’t more serious.  I was in the ranks when the letter was given to me by the O.C.  Asked if it was a love letter.  When I told him my Dad had been hurt he offered me leave to go to the tent to send any messages.

I saw Aunt Grace on Saturday.  Abe Lewis was there.  He is knocking about selling cheap Jack things, watches etc.  Doing a bit of sly grog too, I think.

Love from  Stid to all.

The Church of England Tent

March 16, 1915

Care of the Signallers, Liverpool Camp

My Dear Mother

I have joined the Signallers. I am as yet not a Signaller but will probably be one. The morse code gives most of them trouble and I know it fairly well. I have only been with them one day. They are a better class than the others. I think it is very interesting and will do me more good than the Infantry. I could get into the Engineers from here better than the Infantry because it’s really a branch of them. I went into Sydney on Saturday evening with some of the boys and had a look at the water and the theatre. I wanted to go to see Aunt this time but saw her last time. She is about to get a good price for some building block that she has had for some years. Gave 90, thinks she can get 300.

I got Ock’s card and will find some. It’s hard to get them here and the shops were shut when I got into Sydney. But I may get some pictures of the camp. They are hard to get of the grounds and be able to see it all at once.

Love to all

From Stid

My Dear Mother