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January 1916

I will keep an eye out for Verdi

January 11, 1916

January 11, 1916

My dear Mother,

I got a pile of letters from you and the kiddies today and was very pleased to get them.

Sorry poor Harry has passed away.  I will keep an eye out for Verdi.

I am in Egypt again, doing well – only got here yesterday.

Glad you are getting a good season.  Will write again.  Haven’t been able to post for some time.  Unavoidable.

Love to all Stid.

Near Ismailia

January 5, 1916

January 5, 1916

My dear Mother,

An officer is going to Cairo so letters go too- in five minutes.

I am near Ismailia on the canal.  It’s pretty dry.

I met Norman Ogilvie and Stan three brothers Hore and R.Orme while in Cairo.

I’m glad Fell got on so well in his last exam.  Will write again soon.

Whysacts sent me a nice Christmas billy.

Love to all


We get English newspapers here

January 1, 1916

Date Unknown

Post Card/Armentieres

Dear Amy,

Many thanks for your letters.  I was sorry to hear that Mother has been ill and hope she soon gets well and strong again. It’s a good thing she has you to look after the family while she is away.

We get English newspapers here.  We are in much better quarters than when we were in Turkey.

Love from Stid