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May 1915

Very quickly when the end comes

May 30, 1915

Signaller No 30

18 Battalion

5th Brigade


30 May

Dear Mother

I’m doing well. Should have written before we have been getting a lot of night practice with lamps and it throws me about a bit. Should have written long one lately. Our Officer is anxious that we should be in good practice because he will be in charge of the Signalling at Sea. He practices a lot himself and likes to see us at it too and our work will commence as soon as we get on the boat. I’ve heard military does the Signalling at Sea for obvious reasons but doesn’t navigate or Sail the boat. The Ceramic boat we are going on is in Sydney and we expect to sail on Saturday next to only Suppose we may go any time now. Little Aunt came to see me in Camp and had a look round. She says I am getting very fat and is afraid I’ll get like ? Salmon but got a long way to go for that but am getting heavier.

I am sorry you are having such rotten luck with your Plowman and stock. One thing certain as soon as the grain grows the stock trouble will be over. I am sorry you are loosing so much and it has been an awful drought.

I’m  jolly glad there has been a break in it. As it is many people will have a trouble to carry on. That little green shadow that was about when I was up ought soon to be grass long enough for stock feed. I will ? in a month to get to the Mediterranean and the Turk.

May have peace by then and now that Italy is in the war. I wouldn’t be surprised if when Turkey wants peace the war will commence to ease off and then Austria will want to stop and the whole show will end up quickly. There is a lot of speculation among the boys as to whether we will get into trouble or not.

It would be a good thing for everybody if the mess? could be ended. I think it will collapse as it commenced very quickly when the end comes.

Love to all from Stid


My Dear Mother- 30 MayIMG_20170821_0009


We are going to England

May 28, 1915

May 28th, 1915

Dear Ock,

Thank you for your letter,  I’ve  been a lazy boy for not writing but I am getting along all right.  We get night work every evening and don’t get as much time off as we used to.

We will do all our own signalling when we are at sea.  The military men don’t man the ship, ordinary seamen do that part but the signalling is taken over by us.

Sail any day now the boat we are going on is in Sydney.  Came in this morning.  We are going to England we think our address was given out as No 39 N.O. L Hull 18 Batt. 13th? Inf Brigade A.I.F. England but it may be changed so I will let you all know.

Best love to all, Stid

To the Little Hulls

May 26, 1915

Not sure which letter this belongs to but it was addressed “To the Little Hulls” which was very sweet. Postmarked in Australia so assuming around May 1915.

I heard we might go to India

May 13, 1915

May 13, 1915

Dear Mother,

I won’t sail for about 2 or 3 weeks I think.  Some of the battalions have gone – got away today.  I heard we might go to India to take the place of the troops going from there.

Love from Stid.

I won’t sail for about 2 or 3 weeks I think

May 13, 1915
Souvenir of Liverpool Encampent

Dear Mother,

I didn’t get into trouble when I got back but some fellows did. I got a talking too but didn’t get the worst of it. I had had a long way to go and tried the O.C. I hadn’t had enough leave among other things but I had been transferred into the Batt and was under another man who took a ?? mess of it.

I will send you an enlarged photo when I get home to get it framed.

I won’t sail for about 2 or 3 weeks I think.  Some of the battalions have gone – got away today.  I heard we might go to India to take the place of the troops going from there. But it’s only wireless. The Captain of the 18th told the men they might go there and he may know. But it’s almost like backing race horses.

Love from Stid.

I am a signaller now

May 11, 1915

c/o the Signallers 18th Battalion

11 May 1915

My Dear Mother,

I got back to camp this morning and was transferred into the old battalion that I left only I am a signaller now. There are 25 of us. I know them all and a good many of the boys I used to drill with. They were pleased to see me amongst them again and lots came to my tent to have a chat after one had told them I was back in the Batt. I came down with Geo Montcrief. I will not be sailing for a fortnight or so.

So ?? I was two days overdue when I got back but didn’t get into trouble was transferred as soon as I got back.

The new officer seems a nice man.  He is friendly and not officious as some of them like to be.

Love to all, Stid.

Letter from Liverpool

Letter from Liverpool

Bronte Beach

May 8, 1915

Dear Ock
I got a spider for your wall. I will bring it over on Sunday.
Kind Regards: