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June 1916

This is where people go to sun themselves.

June 8, 1916

8th June, 1916

Post Card- Hyde Park.
Dear Nona,
This is where people go to sun themselves. It’s Summer now and very nice. There are great crowds of people every where. I have had a good holiday and go back to the front in the morning. Love from STID


Ms. Lindsay (of The Bulletin) met me in Lester Square

June 3, 1916

London, 3rd June, 1916.

My Dear Mother,

Seven of us have nine days leave in London.

Could have gone anywhere with my leave ticket but am going to spend it in the city.

Left the trenches at night and got here the next night at 5 o’clock. Had a lovely trip across the channel. I am getting to like the sea. Got a good bath and a new rig out as soon as I got here. Am staying at Peel House and being well looked after. I got 16 guineas when I arrived.  we can buy cheaply at different places for soldiers. Have met a few Australian women who would do anything for us. One lady from a station in the Riverina couldn’t do more for me if I were her own son. The people think a great lot of Australians. London is a magnificent city.  There is plenty to see and I’m used to great crowds of people now, although it’s a long time since I’ve seen women who speak English. I got weighed.  I am 11 stone 13lbs and on account of the marching and carrying a pretty solid load I am not fat. I puzzles me every time I get on a scale see the beam go up. I’ve been a lot of scales to make sure. I first put it on when we left Turkey.

I feel as fit as a fiddle.

We can get free theatre tickets from the ANZAC buffet.  They will do anything for us.  Ms. Lindsay (of The Bulletin) met me in Lester Square and is asking me home to tea.  It is nice of her. She says any boys who have come from the front are hers – that is Australians.  I am going to a Masonic tonight.There are thousands of things to write of; there is such a bustle everywhere – I can hardly settle down to write so it’s only an I am well letter.

Love to all,